How time flies!

It's hard to believe that another year has come and gone. It seems like barely yesterday it was Christmas 2013, and now it's mid-January 2015. So many things have happened in the last twelve months that it's hard to catalog them all. Suffice it to say that I have been very blessed by the Good Lord; His Forgiveness, His Grace and His Mercy have seen us through and continue to carry us through each day. Thank You, Heavenly Father!

Coyote Derby

I know this is totally unrelated to books, and publishing, and etc., but a friend of mine has put together a Coyote Derby as a fundraiser to help the ranchers in the Dakotas who got slammed with the killing blizzards this past fall. She's calling it the Sweetheart Howl and it will be centered around Baker City, Oregon the weekend of February 15-16,2014. I've set up a blog with the rules and entry form here:

As soon as I get more details I'll try to get them posted!
Westerns are not always novels and don't always take place in the past. But westerns always involve adventures of one sort or another, and Kirsten Badger's new book, published exclusively by Sisley Creek Press, is just such a story. From growing up in Denmark during and after World War II to building a life on a frozen lake in northern Canada to building a house from scratch, she and her husband Ray have lived a life few people can imagine. From Science to Selling Moose Nuggets is her story, told in her own words.


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